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Civic’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program provides school leavers with the skills to prepare for the working world.

Together with an adviser, a career plan is developed based on individual interests and employment aspirations, then a tailored program is devised to develop the skills needed to meet those goals.

We work with you to find work experience opportunities that meet your career goals. Recent trainees have found opportunities in administration, technology, retail, automotive, hospitality, and horticulture.

Civic’s SLES trainers deliver an accredited course from Greenacres training provider – ‘Work skills for life’ and award a statement of attainment to trainees who successfully complete all theory and practical work experience components of the course to standard.

If trainees wish to further develop their skills, trainers deliver an accredited course from Greenacres training provider –  Cert II ‘Skills for work and Vocational pathways’. Upon completion, trainees will be offered a range of courses such as Business Administration, Warehousing, and Warehousing & Processing.

How will training be structured and how are trainees supported?

  • Regular community outings to visit relevant workplaces.
  • Activities may involve learning road safety, with the goal to build capacity to get from A to B independently.
  • Certain activities are held offsite in a park, library or outdoor peaceful environment.
  • Work experience activities are undertaken both onsite and externally.
  • Activities may be tailored to the trainee’s needs and requests.
  • Trainees are supported by staff who are trained in Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) practices and methodology.
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