NDIS Plan Renewal


From mid-2018, many people will undergo the NDIS Plan renewal process for the first time. This can be quite a daunting process – there’s so much information to take in but Civic are here to guide you.

We know from experience that being prepared for your NDIS funds renewal meeting helps to achieve the best outcome.

We have put together a checklist and other resources to help guide you through the process. Get your copy or have an informal chat with a Civic NDIS expert, by emailing enquiries@civic.org.au or calling 1300 692 484.

Your NDIS Plan expiry date is written on your current plan. You should receive a phone call from a Local Area Coordinator before your NDIS funding expiry date.

They will set a date for your NDIS Plan review meeting. Once your date is set call the Civic NDIS team. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the disability sector, Civic’s NDIS team is here to assist. Having a familiar face and an experienced pair of eyes on your side can make all the difference.

You are encouraged to take a support person, such as a Civic representative or a family member, with you to the scheduled renewal meeting. If you have funding for a Support Coordinator in your plan, make sure they come along.

You need to get all your documentation from each disability service provider. This documentation will show you how much of your NDIS Plan that you used and if there was any unspent funds. You need to write down reasons why there was any funding not spent during the previous year and present these reasons at your NDIS Plan review meeting.

Civic is here to assist you. Call us on 1300 692 484 and ask to speak to Civic’s NDIS team or email  enquiries@civic.org.au




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