Jehsie’s Story
Jehsie joined Civic’s Transition to Work program for young people in 2015. Over that time he has excelled, especially in the areas of understanding workplace ethics and behaviour. After completing travel training with the program, Jehsie now travels independently to Civic’s training centre using public transport. Developing these skills has improved Jehsie’s independence and helped […]
Client Stories
Aaron’s Story
Aaron is relatively new to Civic, but he’s already a big part of the Civic community. He has just moved into Civic shared accommodation and works in Industries where he also met his long-term girlfriend. A little more than six months ago, the situation was very different. Aaron was in need of Civic’s emergency accommodation […]
Client Stories
David’s Story
David is a long-term member of the Civic family, having worked at Civic Industries now for 25 years. He loves being outdoors and is currently employed as a valued part of the lawn mowing team. The crew maintain the gardens of all Civic’s group homes and respite centres. They also undertake corporate jobs, with Woronora […]
Client Stories
Nick’s Story
When Nick entered shared living with Civic in April 2015 he only was able to communicate using six words, the most complex of which was only four-characters long. Civic organised Makaton training for the house staff to ensure they could understand and support Nick with his communication. Every time a staff member uses a new […]
Client Stories
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