Our History

In the 1950s many parents cared for their children with disability with very little support. Community services were limited and they found themselves independently supporting their children as they grew into adulthood.

Civic originated from this group of parents who knew that their children had abilities and were capable of making a contribution to society. The parents joined together to find productive daytime activities for their adult children. Gradually the group secured small mail out jobs – folding letters and promotional materials, putting them in envelopes and preparing them for postage.

From this dedicated group of parents, a small business was formed and all workers received payment for their work. This enterprise grew into Civic Industries, which today employs more than 100 supported employees with intellectual disability and / or mental health conditions.

Originally known as the Slow Learners Advancement Society, then Civic Disabilities Services and Civic Lifestyles, we are now known just as ‘Civic’.

Today, Civic remains true to the concept that inspired its creation, while providing vital services to more than 500 people in Sydney and regional areas.

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